Auto Repair & Performance Services

Engine Repair



Our team of diesel repair technicians can maintain, diagnose, and repair a variety of diesel engines.  Let us repair what needs to be fixed or let us help you prevent those costly repairs in the first place.  We also have access to a wide variety of Original Equipment (OE) or aftermarket parts  so when it comes time to repair or replace components, we can provide a selection of price and performance options.




Modern diesel engines often have their performance and efficiency limited by their manufacturers out of necessity to meet emissions standards.  By replacing or tuning parts in your diesel engine and exhaust system, we can unlock the true performance potential of your engine.  Whether you are looking for more power or great efficiency, parts from our vast selection of suppliers can make your goals a reality.

Diesel Injection

When it comes time to replace or rebuild any of your diesel injection components such as fuel pumps or injectors, let us provide you with a choice of original equipment (OE) or aftermarket components from one of our many suppliers.  There is a significant number of options when it comes to replacing or rebuilding components so let us help you determine what will suit your requirements.


Many diesel engines can benefit from the use of a variety of additives.  Whether you are looking for more power, great fuel efficiency, or reduce engine wear, there is likely a choice of products to suit your needs.  


Fisher Diesel has served Southern Alberta for decades, providing a range of Diesel Injection and Diesel Repair services.  Fisher Diesel became part of the On & Off Road Automotive family in 2015 and brought with it a wealth of tools, knowledge, and experience.


While Fisher Diesel still offers a range of Diesel Injection and Diesel Repair services, it is the Diesel Performance division that has really grown.  Whether you are looking for performance turbos, injectors, exhaust, or diesel tuning, we have the experienced technicians to help you bring out the most of your diesel engine.