Suspension and Lift Kits and Airbags

There are few things as glorious as a lifted truck.  Some do it for looks, some do it for function.  Regardless of your reason, we can get you the lifted truck you want (or need).  We have access to a wide variety of suppliers that can match to almost any budget and the expertise to integrate this new suspension to your truck. 


Wheels and Tires

When you are heading into the back country, we know what it takes to get there…. and back home.  The proper wheels and tires might prevent you from shredding a sidewall on the mountainside or slipping down a muddy trail.  Let us use our back country and off road experience to help you make the right choice in rubber to get to where you want to go.


Whether you want a heavy duty bumper to mount a winch or to keep you safe when you hit… something… we can offer a wide selection of aftermarket bumpers for your truck or SUV.  Many clients do not realize how important a proper bumper can be until they need it.  Get equipped before you head out to prevent a headache when you are out there.


Winches, tow straps, air compressors – there are so many accessories that you might need when you head out.  If we don’t have it on the shelf, we can get it. 

Bullseye Offroad and Customs became a part of On & Off Road Automotive in 2015, bringing with it a vast Automotive and Off Road client base. 

Bullseye also brings with it an attitude – the willingness to try new methods and technology, to take on interesting or obscure projects, or to understand and appreciate the tradition found within a project.

When you want to put a 6” lift kit and boggers on your new truck, we can do that.  When its time to find out what 1000 horsepower feels like under your right foot, we can do that.  When its time to rebuild the engine on your classic car, we can do that. 

Bullseye installs that attitude throughout our company – “we can do that”