Our new service facility is equipped to maintain most vehicles, diagnose problems when they arise, and repair those problems when needed.  Our technicians have a broad knowledge base, from gasoline to diesel engines, from compact cars to pickup trucks to buses.  We can help you get better life and performance out of your vehicle and repair what’s needed when the time comes.


Wheels and Tires

We have access to a huge selection of wheels and tires to suit almost any need and every budget.    The proper tires will keep you planted on the road (or trail) and provide the best performance or fuel economy.  We can provide you with a wheel and tire solution.


Fleet Maintenance

Our modern shop and skilled technicians can keep your fleet of vehicles performing at their best.  We can advise on maintenance to be done to prevent downtime and larger repair expenses.  We can also provide timely and cost-effective repairs when the unforeseen does happen.


O.E. or Aftermarket Parts

Through our extensive network of suppliers and distributors, we have access to a huge selection of Original Equipment (O.E.) parts and aftermarket parts.  We can help you understand the difference between parts and get you up and running again.